A. Wiebecke-Gottstein: „The Flea Market Of Dreams“

A. Wiebecke-Gottstein: „The Flea Market Of Dreams“

BestNr. J 104

This music after texts from the book of the same name „flea market of the dreams - night airs and quiet ballads “of Michael Ende was originally developed for a puppet theater. It can be realized with one or more singers and with different instruments. Main instrument is with one exception the piano. In addition usually a double bass and a melody instrument are added, for which lead sheets in C, Bb and Eb are present. In some songs also note sheets for guitar are attached, supplementing drums would be desirable. Most songs are through-composed, in some places swinging improvisation are expected from the instrumentalists. This is indecated by chord notations usual used in the jazz.  Some songs are sung throughout, others are even only spoken, some have both sung and spoken parts.

The songs can be performed concertant of course. It becomes more delightful however, if the content of the songs is  played by humans and/or dolls. But a framework plot should be invented, for example a big travelling case, from where some requisites are taken which lead up to the next song, or a stage, on which a flea market or an antique shop is to be seen. No limits should be set to the fantasy here. Also the sequence of the individual songs is not fixed. Given is simply the framework from an overture and a final. Both is the basis the text „the prestidigitator “and avails themselves from there also of the same musical material. They frame the following 12 songs: „The paper tragedy “, „the ballad of the rope dancer Felix Fliegenbeil “, „the helmet “, „the ballad of the wondrous cook “, „an immoral Moritat “, „the eternal hero song “, „the invisible one “, „the lady with the puppet “, „small spook “, „the dream of flying “, „the ballad of the blind ones, who blind ones lead “and „the ugly girl “. All in all contain „the flea market of the dreams “about 60 minutes pure music.
The lyrics are in German language.


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