A. Wiebecke-Gottstein: “Kleznacht” for 2 Instr., Guit. and Perc. ad. lib. (parts + score)

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"Kleznacht" uses melodies from German Christmas carols, but changes them through new rhythmizations and meters and by using scales of "Klezmer" music instead of the original major or minor scales.
The music was originally arranged and recorded for nyckelharpa, double bass and guitar, some pieces were accompanied by various percussion instruments. For the present edition of music, an attempt was made to generalize the parts, so that they could also be played on other instruments. The first part is intended for a higher instrument and the second part for a lower instrument. If the range of the instruments used deviates from the notation, the performers themselves must consider sensible transpositions. For the various transposing instruments, both melody parts are available in C, Bb and Eb transpositions.
Some pieces have double stops. For monophonic instruments it is recommended to play the lower notes as short suggestions to the upper notes.
The percussion voices are only suggestions. They can be played, changed or added as desired. Using the chord sequences notated in the guitar part, further instruments can be added or the guitar can be replaced by another chord instrument.
The sheet music is either fully available with all transposed parts and scores, or each individual part is available separately. The score is not for sale separately.

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