Marvin Bass Rail Piece Standard

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Marvin cable tailpieces

are a totally new tailpiece design for double basses that provide:

Greater Sound and sustain

  • Less mass/weight muting the vibration of the bridge
  • Single cable across the saddle does not stabilize the bridge allowing freer movement and vibration.
  • Greater elasticity of tailpiece allows freer bridge movement and vibration.

Faster bow response

  • The bridge comes to full vibration faster because tailpiece does not slow the response

Reduced wolf tones

  • Tailpiece buffering eliminates impact on wolf tones. Wolf tones emanating from the tailpiece or strings below the bridge are eliminated.

Softer feel when fingering

  • Additional elasticity of cables allow the strings to be deflected by the left hand with less force. The tension of the strings is not different , just the elasticity (ability to stretch).

The standard piece is for the four string bass and should fit at nearly every bass.

for Measure A (see below) between 5 and 6.5 inches. For measure B between 24.5“ and 31.5“

Measurements are in inches and should be made with a flexible ruler following the path of the existing cable from the back of the endpin collar, around the saddle and then measured to the specified place.

Measure A: measure from the back of the endpin collar to the top edge of the saddle.

Measure B: measure from the back of the endpin collar to the top of the bridge.

The Marvin bass tailpiece is manufactured in the US. The standard version is immediately available in Germany (Europe) when ordering here. The
individually made tailpiece (see there) is manufactured in America after the order and must be still supplied then. Manufacture and delivery time can last between two and four weeks and longer.

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