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A detailed orchestra treatment of the known song of Gounod which he wrote to the first Präludium by Bach. The smallest possible occupation is here 2 violins, cello, contrabass and piano or harp. Then it can be increased with an additional viola, woods, horns, kettledrum and percussion. The following voices are delivered: 1 x flute, 1 x oboe, 1 x clarinet in B, 1 x bassoon, 2 x horn 1 + 2 in fa, 1 x kettledrums, 1 x percussion, 8 x 1st violin, 6 x 2nd violin, 4 x viola, 2 x cello, 1 x double bass and 1 x piano or harp. Besides, the Präludium by Bach sounds completely from piano (or harp), the original melody of Gounod lies completely in the 1st violin. New written voices play violin 2, violoncello and double bass, all other one are doublings.

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