Theodor Albin Findeisen: „Concerto No. 2 for Double bass and Orchestra“ Op. 25 pdf-file

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About the second concerto for double bass and orchestra by Th. A. Findeisen is even less known than about the first. It exists also only the piano version witch is published by the PRObass publishing house. It is dedicated to Kurt Barth, who was musical director in Zwickau, Germany. The piano part is marked by the words "in one mouvement". However it can also be regarded as several movements, where the different parts are put together without break. It begins with a majestic Allegro with the remark "fresh and rhapsodic," which opens in an andante molto where the solo bass can prove his singing skills. Then follows an Allegro leggiero witch comes back to the majestic opening theme. It comes to an end with a virtuosic Molto Allegro quasi presto, that functions as a final stretta movement witch leads again to the exploding majestic opening theme of the beginning.

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